Google Search Ads and Facebook Ads

PPC – Pay per click advertising model is used by google search ads.

Paid advertising drives more new traffic to the website than any other online advertising method and no other advertising method enables more precise targeting then PPC.

We help you with your Paid Search campaigns which are focused campaigns based on goals such as brand awareness, website traffic, conversions goal ads, video ads, re-marketing or lead generation.

The main benefits of these Paid campaigns are the brand pay only when the ad is clicked which means that you don’t pay for their ad to show up in the sponsored section of search results.

Contact us to know more about how we can help you with Google search Paid Advertising.

Facebook Advertising – Facebook ads are the best way to reach your target audiences as it gives you ways in which you can target specific audiences such as Re-marketing, Custom audiences, custom combination audiences.

Facebook Ads are great for reaching the Millennium and Gen X and also for Brand Awareness & Reach.

Contact us to know how we can help you with Facebook Paid Ads to reach your Business goals.

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