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Thinking of a Digital Marketing career? Think out of the Box.

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

The good news is Digital Marketing is best learned by learning it online in real-time applications without any digital marketing course.

What better way can you have than having your own digital presence online whether it is your own website blog or any other social media asset. Start building your digital marketing skills online and the best way to do this is first having your digital presence.

Start by blogging or having your own website. You can build your own blog or website on word-press or Wix or elementor. If you don't know then learn from scratch. There are so many educational resources that are free such as Udemy, YouTube Channel and many more. some of the paid ones such as Coursera are also good which have great educational content.

Choose any topic of your interest or your liking or that you are passionate about. Select a niche. Start to write. Begin. It is okay if the initial draft is not perfect. You will get it eventually. It's just a matter of practice and knowing what you are writing, who is your audience or what you want to convey to the end readers.

If you are not inclined towards writing then have a YouTube channel. Make videos if you are comfortable with Video content. If you are an expert of a certain field or has great knowledge then you can delivery a good video content and can be an Influencer or Affiliate.

Once you have your website or a blog or any other social media channel or a YouTube channel in place, learn google ads by google resources such as google skill shop and the resource is free. Give google Ads and google Analytic certification exams. This will make you stand out. These certifications are for one or two years and you can renew the certification by giving the certification exams again by relearning the best practices. It keeps you updated with your knowledge and you stay informed and you keep learning.

Apply google Ads in real-time if you have products or services to offer. If you don't help someone for free, someone who has a small or midsize business and who doesn't know how to go about with digital marketing. Set up their store or website and help them with paid advertising or write a blog for their businesses.

By learning and by applying these digital marketing skills you would cover most of the digital marketing by yourself.

Once you have these in place try an internship or part-time or full-time work opportunities with ad agencies and to get real-time experience. If this doesn't interest you try freelancing start networking. Work for free & get client's testimonials or referrals for the good work that you put in. Remember hard-work pays. Showcase all the Practical work you have actually done in real-time in your profile/portfolio. This is more important than just the conceptual knowledge that you have.

Digital Marketing is a huge umbrella full of creativity. See what interests you and where you fit in. You don't need to spend a huge amount of money on any course or Institute. YouTube, Google resources, coursera, udemy and many other Educational resources are the best to help you get starting with a Digital marketing career.

Happy Learning in the comfort of your home.


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