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My take-away from Digital Deepak’s Integrated Digital Marketing Internship Program - Class 1.

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Finally, the day arrived on 16th May 2020, for Digital Deepak’s Integrated Digital Marketing Internship Program but before I dig more into the details about what I Learnt in Class 1 let me give a brief background of myself.

I am an MBA by profession, a homemaker, and a mother of 2 kids. I worked before my MBA around 5 yrs. in marketing, counseling different fields. After my MBA I got married and was out of the country (US) for some time. After coming back to India, kids were small so I didn’t want to take up anything fulltime that was demanding. Now after a long gap I decided to get back to work but this time with a Twist.

I love the Internet and wanted to do something different. I decided to take a plunge and shift my career focus from HR to Digital Marketing. I believe in Digital Marketing and think, a lot can be achieved with it. In today’s world, we connect and communicate with people across the globe anytime, anywhere in a short span and all this fascinates me hence I decided to deep dive into Digital Marketing as my career and landed upon Digital Deepak’s website by seeing his Facebook Ads. After I subscribed to his website, I started getting emails and I started attending his free webinar’s. I also started getting emails on Content Marketing from Sanjay Shenoy, Deepak’s Pixel Track Digital Marketing Agency Business Partner. All this made me more curious about what’s further in Digital Marketing. I was liking what I was listening to, gaining Information and knowledge. This made me more and more inclined towards Digital Marketing and finally, I decided to join Digital Deepak’s Internship Program, and here I am writing about my goals in Digital Marketing, what I learned in my first class, and what I expect from this Internship Program to be.

The class began with the registration process in the Digital Deepak’s Internship platform which was well guided by Deepak himself. It was very easy to follow process and registration in the Learning Platform.

My goal for this Internship program is first, gain complete knowledge about digital marketing and its areas while I work on the assignments given to me during this Internship. Next, identify my competencies in the areas which I am very good at, and as the program suggests that it’s an Integrated Digital Marketing Internship, I look forward to learning and exploring all the areas of digital marketing along with some real-time based applications through assignments.

After I complete the Internship, I would like to apply my knowledge into practice by working with an agency for some time, apply the conceptual knowledge in a real-time, and later work as a freelancer, create my own space for myself which is full of freedom to work from anywhere and everywhere and provide customized Digital marketing solutions.

What I learned from my first-class is that the most imp key skill to succeed in Digital marketing is “communication” and by communication what I mean is effective communication. Without communication, we cannot succeed. Communication helps in creating content, connect with our target audiences, sell the products or services that we have to offer as an entrepreneur. Communicating effectively with your masses and attracting them is very important and this is possible through good quality content that is fresh, real, honest, that reflects our personality, style, and most important content that relates to the audiences, resonates with them, and solves their problems. A good quality content written with good communication skills builds trust. Providing the target masses with solutions to their pain problems can lead to successful transactions which in turn helps to make profits and building a long-lasting relationship with your target customers. This is called CATT i.e. Content, Attention, Trust, and Transaction. When all these come together it forms an Integrated Digital marketing approach. This means, that we create original good quality content, attract the attention of our masses which builds trust and with our products or services we provide them with solutions to solve their problems leading to transaction, profits & long-term marketing goals that are smart, measurable, achievable, realistic and targeted. While doing all this we need to first select a niche. A niche that is narrow and not wide. A niche that has infinite opportunities. We can select a niche which is a combination of our passion, talent, and marketing opportunities that are existing in the market. The ways in which we can find market demand is by researching on google auto suggest, amazon reviews, by answering questions on Quora, talking to people, customers, and more. Also, understanding economics especially global economics is very important while doing business.

I learned that the future of Digital marketing is bright as it’s a new form of marketing and combined with Integrated marketing approach where all the aspects of digital marketing such as Paid, Owned and Earned media that work in sync together can result in a successful comprehensive marketing plan which is SMART i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Targeted.

Conclusion – Thus, In the Integrated marketing approach, we create content, and around that content, we drive organic traffic, use paid to advertise, build social media strategy, email marketing to sell the products or services. This is the marketing funnel, and this is how the funnel works, we build trust through the funnel, make the funnel automated with software platforms and build a long-lasting relationship with our future customers through this automated marketing funnel.


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