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What is Copywriting? Copywriting is the art of crafting words for the sole purpose of conversion 💰💰💰⁠

Good copy convinces a prospect to take ACTION, i.e. 👉🏻 click a link, call a number, sign up for an email list, or buy a product.⁠

It’s a message that fuels your entire business. It’s the foundation of your brand and the secret sauce to your sales.

It's used in various sales materials, i.e. 👉🏻 sales pages, websites, emails, promotional videos, direct mail flyers, catalogs, advertising campaigns, and the list goes on... ⁠


The goal of copywriting may be to increase conversion rate, but the best kind of copy uses storytelling creates emotional resonance, and builds brand voice. All while guiding the prospect through a valuable buying experience.⁠


Yes, copywriting is very different from content writing.

Content writing focuses more on engagement and brand awareness through mediums such as blog post, social media, and about pages.

Copywriting is one-directional and is strategically written to a singular call to action. Whereas content writing is more organic and educational.

We do Marketing Copywriting for Landing Page, Facebook  Ads Copy, Email Copy, Email Sequences.

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